The Anointing

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit is the impartation of God's supernatural ability to His chosen and yielded vessels to accomplish God's plans and purposes in a supernatural way. Knowing the different types and manifestations of the anointing enables one to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the ministry.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Falling Under the Power

We need to understand falling under the power. Kathryn Kuhlman calls it slain in the Spirit. We will first consider that falling under the power of God is a side effect of the power of God operating. Since there are different degrees of operating the anointing of the Holy Spirit, there are also different degrees of falling under the power.

Let me give the natural first before we go to the spiritual. See in electricity there are different degrees of electricity and voltages. If you touch on the power line like the high-tension wires, that will be the last time you ever did so. You may find the next moment you are in heaven. That’s very high voltage. But sometimes even when a lower voltage is released into your body, you may be thrown several feet away. Then some others have a different phenomenon where they touch that high-tension wire and find they cannot let go. Then their bodies slowly collapse. In the natural there are a lot of phenomena. Or sometimes people touch it they just jerk. So if such different phenomena can happen in the natural, how much more in the spiritual realm? It’s an interesting realm. Don’t think that falling under the power must happen in a certain way or style. You wouldn’t expect that of electricity in the natural. You may be flung in a funny position in the natural. You can’t control and say that this is the way to fall and that is the wrong way to fall in the natural.

In the spiritual realm, there are different degrees of anointing. And because of the different degrees of anointing sometimes people get the jerk. And sometimes, people fall in funny positions, some fall forward, some backwards, some side ways and some shake. You cannot standardize the falling into an official pattern. There is no such thing as a common pattern. You cannot make something that is a phenomenon into something dignified. Some side effects remain a side effect. And for that reason sometimes the power of the Spirit is so strong that it could just drop on the whole congregation and hundreds will fall at one time and it is to late to mobilize any catcher into action. You could knock on anything under that power. You could knock on a nail and you get up and are all right. So to a certain extend when there is a high degree anointing, the power will push a person down. Sometimes they could fall several times. But if the power is of a high degree, whichever way you fall, there will be a supernatural cushion. However there is a degree where the power is strong enough to knock you down but not strong enough to cushion you. If you fall, you will feel the full gravitational impact. You could wake up with a sore head or a back pain. You are wondering if this is the power of God, how can this pain happen? Your theology says that if it’s the power of God, when you fall, you should be all right and there is no need for catchers to cushion your fall. If people fall under the power, let them fall even if there are broken glass all over the place.

That was my theology before I met Jesus in person when He taught me on the anointing of the Holy Spirit. But when the Lord began to show me that there are different degrees of the manifestation of power, I began to understand the need for catchers. Because you never know to what degree the power will flow. And some of you may have met some people who fall differently. Some fall and they didn’t feel anything even though the whole church heard a loud thud sound. I have seen some people who have fallen and they knocked on certain objects and there is a wound on their side. How do you conclude? What does theology say? Do we conclude that therefore it’s not the power of God? You can’t say that because there is power. There are people being healed. The answer is in understanding that there are different degrees of power that flow. Sometimes the power is strong enough to cushion you sometimes it’s not. We are talking about anointing upon where there are different degrees flowing.

There are three reasons why we should encourage the use of catchers. One of them is that when a person falls, it could be that the power is not enough to cushion them. And so it’s good to catch them.

The second reason is that there are unbelievers there or a person who is new in the things of the Lord and they keep hearing all kind of sounds. The unbelievers are watching all these falling over. Maybe God wants them to be prayed for. But because they see all these falling over, they refrain from joining the healing lines. But if they see people being cushioned by catchers when they fall, they may be less fearful to come forward and they won’t miss the blessing. So that is the second reason.

Third reason is the usher plays a role as an intercessor. There are different laws that operate on corporate anointing. In my book, “The Anointing of the Holy Spirit,” I have not touched on corporate anointing. But let me touch on it. The corporate anointing has different laws to operate on it. Corporate anointing is affected sometimes by the presence of people around. Kathryn Kuhlman understood that. In her meetings, nobody can sit on the first two rows of front seats except those she has chosen.

Long ago in Singapore there was this man of God. He would walk through the corridor and people would fall right and left. He operates certain law on the corporate anointing. It requires the first two rows to be filled with intercessors to create the atmosphere. I can assure you if the expectancy level there is high and if the intercessory group covers certain spots, when we operate the anointing these spots will experience a heavier anointing than other spots. So that is the third reason - the row of catchers can serve as a buffer zone from unbelief. See the anointing can be affected by people’s presence, especially people who are anti this and anti that.

In II King chapter 3 when Elisha came, he said if it were not for the presence of king Jehoshaphat, he would have nothing to do with the king of Israel. It seems that the presence of certain people affects the anointing. All you have to do to affect a person’s anointing from operating is put in the first two rows a group of skeptics, and anti-Christ kind of people and they will affect the anointing. Is there a solution? Yes. Put an intercessor on either side of the skeptic. If you understand this, you would know how to counter the negative faith atmosphere generated by these skeptics. You give me one thousand intercessors and you have a room full of skeptics and I will place the intercessors strategically around the skeptics. I would put the prayer warriors in the hardest places where the anointing is hard to flow. See the anointing can flow but there could be pockets of unbelief amidst pockets of faith. If there are intercessors in one area, they will pull the anointing to their direction. And when the anointing comes over a particular area, it runs into resistance created by the unbelievers there. That is the third reason why we have catchers. They create a buffer zone. The catchers should be persons of faith who can flow with the Spirit of God and they are there creating the buffer zone. The spirit of unbelief is not affecting the meeting because there is the buffer zone of intercessors and catchers.

In America you have a fourth reason for having catchers. When a person falls and the catcher is there to cushion the fall, they won’t break their legs and sue you. There are so many fellows now suing preachers there because they fall under the power in America that praying over has become an occupational hazard. A catcher’s role is not just to catch. There are certain ways to catch. You got to stand at a proper distance from the person. So a person is six feet tall you don’t stand seven feet away. So when the Spirit shouts, “Timber,” you run forward to catch. Catchers have to be trained. You cannot stand too close or too far. If too far when they fall you catch the wrong part of their bodies. Imagine if we can train counselors, we can train ushers but why don’t we train catchers? We don’t learn by instinct; we learn by being trained. Sometimes when you are under the power you are conscious but cannot move. And we are going to show some scriptures what the effect is like on people. Some people are conscious and if they are disturbed they will wake up. Some people are conscious and cannot move. We see different side effects and people need to be trained in all these things. The falling under the power is just a phenomenon but if you know how to flow with it and co-operate with it, it brings great blessings.

Lets see some scriptural aspects of the side effects that can take place. I enjoy the book of Ezekiel but he is one of those strange prophets. Ezekiel and Isaiah are two prophets I never want to be like but I admire their ministries. Isaiah had a tremendous prophetic ministry. Let me tell you something about Ezekiel. One day God asked him to cut his hair bald. Strange thing. Thank God I am not a prophet; I am a pastor. In chapter one the last verse it says Like the appearance of a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the brightness all around it. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. So when I saw it, I fell on my face, and I heard a voice of One speaking. And He said to me, “Son of man, stand on your feet, and I will speak to you.” Then the Spirit entered me when He spoke to me, and set me on my feet; and I heard Him who spoke to me.

So here Ezekiel fell under the power. He fell forward. The interesting thing is God didn’t keep him falling. God raised him up and asked him to stand. And the Spirit of God came into him and helped him to stand. You have seen falling under the power wait till you see raising under the power. That’s the Spirit of God that raised him up. I believe this was what it was like. It was not that Ezekiel just fell under the power. And then he was under the power lying down before God. And God said stand and he climbed up and stood before Him. No, it didn’t happen that way. I saw in my spirit the way he was lying down and the Lord said, “Stand,” and his body was raised up. Something lifted him up. Something carried him right up. Just like they do in the cartoon. And God started speaking to him. Interesting phenomena.

We have also Daniel as he met the Lord and the angel manifested to him in chapter 8:27 I Daniel, fainted and was sick for days; afterward I arose and went about the king’s business. It’s not the word sick; it’s the word weak. The word sick does not convey the right translation. You don’t get into God’s presence and get sick. You get into God’s presence and you may feel a little bit weak under the power of the anointing. So that power lasted many days. We have seen that happened when people come under the power sometimes for days their bodies feel different. We are look at the different effects of the power of God on people. Some feel weak for some time and they just don’t seem to know what to do but just enjoy God’s presence all the time. There are different effects on different people. Sometimes it can affect just a part of your body. It can either hold your body up or hold your body down. You remember the story in the book of Kings where the prophet prophesied about the altar that was built and he said, “This altar will be destroyed.” The king said, “Arrest him.” His hands couldn’t come down until the man of God prayed. So what held him up? When the power of God came, he just couldn’t move. So the power of God is not only a power that cause you to fall it’s a power that could just render a part of your body motionless.

In the early day in our ministry we used to have a gathering of prayer. At one time we were very deep in the Spirit in Penang. We put a chair in the center and we prayed for a person. This sister sat on it and when everybody finished praying, she could not move. She could talk to us but could not move. The power was so great that she was literally glued to the chair. The power can manifest in different manners and different ways. Sometimes it affects part of your body.

Lets look at the book of Ezekiel again and see some of those phenomena that came upon his life. Chapter 33:21 And it came to pass in the twelfth year of our captivity, in the tenth month, on the fifth day of the month, that one who had escaped from Jerusalem came to me and said, “The city has been captured.” Now the hand of the Lord had been upon me the evening before the man came who had escaped. And He had opened my mouth so when he came to me in the morning, my mouth was opened and I was no longer mute. Verse 22 it says the hand of the Lord had been upon me that evening before. The man came. The man came in the morning and that’s when he could speak. What happened was that one night while Ezekiel was just praying, his mouth fell under the power. Imagine if you came and talked to him and said, “Hello, Ezekiel.” Ezekiel just kept his mouth shut. “Why don’t you open your mouth and say something?” Now you understand why I don’t want to be like Ezekiel. He is a prophet and strange things happen to prophets. It says the whole night. The night before the power fell on him. How would you like to fall under the power with your mouth open? And he had that the whole night. This is the power of God working. He could not talk. His mouth was slain under the power. The next morning when the man came then only he could speak. While Jerusalem was being destroyed that night he felt the effects of it in his spirit. He was a prophet intricately linked to Jerusalem.

The reason we share all these things is some people are very skeptical. So when some things begin to happen in the spirit realm, people tend to doubt it more than to believe it. As a result of it, they shut themselves up from the manifestation of God. I do not say we become gullible so that you just absorb every doctrine that comes from the enemy. But yet I say we have to be opened to the Lord as to not to reject Him when things happen the way He wants it.

Lets look at the book of Ezekiel again this time in the earlier chapters in chapter 4:1-3 You also, son of man, take a clay tablet and lay it before you, and portray on it a city, Jerusalem. Lay siege against it, build a siege wall against it, and heap up a mound against it; set camps against it also, and place battering rams against it all around. Moreover take for yourself an iron plate, and set it as an iron wall between you and the city. Set your face against it, and it shall be besieged, and you shall lay siege against it. This will be a sign to the house of Israel. Now you notice why in Ezekiel 33 his mouth opened. His whole life was focused on prophesying the destruction of Jerusalem and the redemption of God for Israel. His whole life was a picture of the prophecy. Later on in the book of Ezekiel you see how God took away his life. His whole life was a pattern of his prophecy. Verse 4 Lie also on your left side, and lay the iniquity of the house of Israel upon it. According to the number of the days that you lie on it, you shall bear their iniquity. For I have laid on you the years of their iniquity, according to the number of the days, three hundred and ninety days; so you shall bear the iniquity of the house of Israel. And when you have completed them, lie again on your right side; then you shall bear the iniquity of the house of Judah forty days. I have laid on you a day for each year. Therefore you shall set your face toward the siege of Jerusalem; your arm shall be uncovered, and you shall prophesy against it. He was to lie on his left side for three hundred and ninety days. Even if you sleep on a bed you sleep on different side. Your body has a natural way of adjusting, even in the middle of the night your body can turn and adjust itself. Ezekiel had to sleep on one side for three hundred and ninety days and that is over a year. Now you know why I don’t want to be like him. There is no natural way you can do it. Your body rebels against it. That’s why God told him, “I will put my power there so that you will be stuck there.” It’s not an easy profession to be a prophet. After he finished that God said, “Lie on the right side for forty days.” That is over a month.

This is the verse that I like when God said in verse 8 And surely I will restrain you so that you cannot turn from one side to another till you have ended the days of your siege. That’s where His power locks in him. God’s power is tremendous. Having seen that this is the part that we are going to closely examine. On one part it is him and on another part it’s the Lord.

Let me show you where the scriptures are. Ezekiel 4:4 Lie on your left side. I believe that was Ezekiel; he finished making everything that the Lord made as a symbol of Jerusalem. Having finished it he would probably have wore his robes or whatever. I mean he is going to wear that robe for one year in the rain or sunshine. It says he was the one to lie down. The moment he lies down he was locked in the power. And he was released after the number of days. God doesn’t turn him the power doesn’t catch him and turn him. He was released and then he went to the right side and lie down and then he was locked in that position by the power of God.
What is that saying to us? When the power of God is flowing there is a part that is from us that learn to yield and there is a part that is from God that gives the flow. So when the power of God is flowing, you have a choice to yield or not to yield. Now these are spiritual things. When the power was flowing there is a point of time that you could choose not to let it go. Up to the moment where Ezekiel has not lie down yet he could choose to disobey. He could choose to walk away from his call. He had a free choice. But from the moment he release and obeyed and lie down the power was fully released and locked in. The moment he was locked in there was no way out of that. There is a moment a very thin fine line from free choice into being bound in the Spirit. Paul said in the book of Acts 20 to the Ephesian elders at a place called Miletus he told them I go bound to Jerusalem. He called it being bound. He is being bound by the Holy Spirit. This is the magnetic drawing that he chooses to yield to. Now that he choose to yield to is so strong that it is almost compelling. The same Greek word used for bondage is fully used there but not in a negative sense. He yielded so much that he is now like a bondservant to God. Not only as a servant but a bondservant. In the year of Jubilee, a servant can be free. A bondservant chooses not to be free.

In Matt. 4 and Luke 4 it says Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. That sounds very dignified, sounds very pleasant. But wait till you read Mark Chapter one and the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness. There is a point where you can choose and as you choose and choose God understands your commitment, God understands your love for Him. God knows the freedom He can now have with you because you love Him so much and He takes you over. You move into the bondservanthood. As you move towards the tidal waves, you can still back off. But when you plunge yourself into the tidal waves, it is too late to back off. The tidal waves now carry you. By this time, even if you want to choose to come out you cannot. You are flowing there now.

Now this is one possible illustration that you could experience. For example if the power and the presence of God is strong. It depends on the type of that anointing that is manifesting. Sometime I could yield to the power of God that is being manifested. Not all the time but sometimes as I worship God I sense that His power wants to shake my hands. Note this: as I am shaking my hands I have full control and I can stop it anytime. But as I yield to a certain extend it reaches a point where it comes to the level of the subconscious. It can come to the point where I keep on yielding until the movements are more on the subconscious level. I could purposely move my hands this way and that but it is definitely conscious. But as I keep yielding to the anointing more and more, the hand movement comes faster and faster until it cannot be at the conscious level any more. It sends a signal to your brain and say just keep it going. We don’t have these cars here but in America you could just lock your car at a particular speed. Then you don’t have to press the pedal any more. You could press the miles per hour you like and you could just lock it in. And you could take your legs off the pedal. To release it you just press it again. So your brain sends a signal to the automatic department and he locks it. So there is a realm where it goes into the automatic section. But that is under the power of God and not under our voluntary shaking.

Under the power of God there is a certain realm for example the Spirit of God moves into your life where you could chose to yield or not. Then as you yield there is a certain level of yielding where you still can choose to stop. But you could yield so much that you are literally caught in the flow of the current of God. At that point, even if you want to stop you have to wait till the current subsides before you could really stop. There is such a realm in the power of God in the anointing of God.

Let me show with a different illustration here. There was this person who was in the ministry. When the person was yielding to God he reached a point where the power was so strong that the Spirit literally filled the person and possessed the person. The person still has free choice but the flow of it was different. Word for word it was like the Spirit literally speaking through. And he was just a hearer of himself. His free will was still intact. In a demon possession, the person’s free will is gone. The demon just subjugates you. But when the Holy Spirit works, your free choice is intact.

At one time when I was deep in prayer, God gave me an experience that I never ever forgot. Now under the normal circumstances, you pray in tongues when someone lays hand on you. You receive the baptism in the Spirit. What I was doing was I was having my experience with God and I was worshiping God and fellowshipping with my Papa God. And I heard the sound of wind. I felt a ball of fire hit me. And believe it or not the tongues that flowed out were not controllable. I was like on the sidelines and it was like something deep within me flowing out of me. I know what is praying in tongues since I was already baptized in the Spirit. I know it since I pray in tongues six hours, ten hours, forty-eight hours but I knew that was a totally different realm where God knows me so well. He doesn’t subjugate my free will but He knows that I have chosen to be a bond servant with Him where He is free to drive me if He wants. He doesn’t do it all the time but at times He takes liberty.

It’s just like for example I could have a relationship with you and I know you well enough. If I don’t know you well enough before I visit your home I make sure I call you. I don’t want to catch you in your pajamas or when your house is in a mess. I make sure that I don’t embarrass you. If I know you on a normal level, I make sure you know that I am coming. If I know you very well and you gave me the liberty to come to your house anytime, I would do so. So according to our relationship we take liberty. If I really know you very well sometimes I make myself at home in your house. I will be the one who welcome your guests. I go to the fridge and help myself and serve all the food. It is not your house but your friend has given you the liberty to treat the house as your own. So God’s relationship with us is the same since He knows our level of free will.

There are different levels of our free will. And that’s the position where your free will has been surrendered to God and you say, “Lord, do anything you want with me. Send me anywhere; I will do anything.” But yet you need to pray that prayer of consecration and dedication. God sees the depth of your meaning. People pray that but with different degrees of meaning. As God knows your meaning, He takes the liberty at times to just flow through you while you appear to sit at the sidelines. You welcome it and God knows you welcome it. That is why He took the liberty.
That was what I experienced. And I felt someone else speaking through me. It was lovely. After I came out from that experience, the Holy Spirit told me that’s what the experience in the second dimension. That is why I realize that there are different degrees of yieldedness. There is a point where you yield and there is a point where you couldn’t stop it even if you want to.

Another illustration is like when you fall. There is a position where you could lean back a little and you could still get back and don’t fall. But you reached a certain position and you start falling even if you want to get back to standing you cannot get back any more. The gravitation pull is too strong already. There is no way you could resist it. So to a certain extend when we work with the power of God in different degrees, there are different degrees of yieldedness that you could choose to go through. Sometimes the power could be operating at fifty volts but yet there are different types of responses. Although it’s fifty volts yet it’s flowing in some people at fifty, some at forty, some at thirty and some at twenty. The manifestation may be at fifty volts but the degree of resistance in the people prevents the electron of the Holy Spirit from fully flowing through them. So there is what I call the phenomena of falling under the power and if you understand how it operates and what it’s operating you could flow along and open yourself to the things of the Spirit of God instead of closing yourself up. For that reason some people never fall.

Now let me put all the other teachings together. It is not necessary to fall to get a blessing. Sometimes you fall and don’t get a blessing. Sometimes, you remain standing, but you may still get a blessing. Falling under the power as I mentioned in the book has nothing to do with your spirituality. Some people say if you don’t fall you are very resistant to the Holy Spirit. That is why you don’t fall. On the other hand there is another group that says if you fall there is something wrong with you. For that kind of reasoning then the one who remains standing is a stronger Christian. The one who falls is the weaker one.

It’s the opposite altogether. It has nothing to do with that. God’s power as I have illustrated has different ways of working. You have people who fall under the power who are very spiritual people in the bible like Ezekiel, Daniel, Paul. But you have other people who fall who have nothing. When Jesus came out from the Garden of Gethsemane and the soldiers came for Him, Jesus said, “Who do you seek?” They said, “Jesus of Nazareth.” Jesus in the gospel of John said, “I am He.” They all fell. Nothing happened to them. They just got up and arrested Him. Their hearts were not changed.

In the book of Acts 26 Paul recounted the incident in Acts 9 where he fell from his donkey. He said he was not the only one who fell. Because in Acts 26 he said we fell. That tells us Paul and his team was going along. And when the light of Jesus came all of them fell but only one got touched and changed. So falling under the power has nothing to do with spiritual level.

But I want to teach this truth on yielding so that we realize. Now you could be yielded while you are standing and open yourself to the power of God. I have a very rare book by Evan Roberts on the “Wales Revival”. In it somebody was with him and he was being persecuted. He was in the street and people were throwing abuses at him and he just walked away untouched. And the person who was a minister next to him said, “How can you go through all these without being affected?” He said, “I close my spirit.” And he said this type of abuse doesn’t touch him at all. So there is such a thing as closing and opening something within us. Just like we could choose to close our mind. We could choose to close our physical hands. You could come to find fault with somebody. Sometimes when you open your spirit and really yield there is such an avalanche of the flow of spirit that you are just taken in and you fully yield to that. I have to learn the truth of yieldedness.

I have to learn yieldedness by learning to obey God in simple things in the natural. I could only share from my experience. I came from a background that is very dignified: we don’t raise our hands. I feel very uncomfortable from the church where I came from to lift my hands. I never really tasted the flow of the Spirit of God. Christianity was more or less a rational intellectual faith and religion as far as I was concerned. Then as I confronted the Charismatic movement for the first time I began to lift up my hands. Then I felt something. Then after some time of embarrassment I learnt to lift my hands high. When you lift your hand high for the first time you feel so conscious that you are the only one and everybody were starring at you. But actually no one was starring at you; it’s your own self-consciousness. When you got rid of that you enter a new realm of the spirit.
Then I joined the Charismatic movement and I was active in it. One day I was ministering in this camp. Then in this camp they were having this presentation. They were singing “Arise children of Israel” and they were dancing the Jewish dance. After singing several times, they called me up to dance. I have never danced before so I just hopped along. That was the first time; it was embarrassing. But something happened; something broke lose in me. Although it was just a simple presentation but something in me broke lose. I felt something flowed to me and I felt a greater freedom from that day onward. Something also broke in my soul. From that day onward I felt a greater flow of the Spirit. As I began to progress on the Lord I was sitting on my sofa and I felt the power of God shaking my hands. I had a choice to shake or not to shake. Mentally I was saying, “If this is of God you better don’t miss out on that.” Then my intellectual mind says you got nothing to lose. And I made a decision to release it. The moment I released it God shook me from the top on my head to the tip of my toe. There I was for some one hour of shaking and I tell you when you come out from there you will never be the same. I felt liquid fire going through me. I felt a greater flow of the Spirit from that day onward in everything that I do in my living, in worship, in ministering, in counseling everything. It was like something was enlarged within me. Before that I was only a three quarter inch pipe that carries the water of the Spirit. Now God had taken it away and replace it with a two inch diameter pipe to carry the water of the Spirit.
Let me say this some of you have never danced in the Spirit. At first some of you only learn how to lift your hands. Some of you began to learn how to dance in the Spirit. It takes a freedom. It takes a losing of your dignity and a dying of self to do it. Don’t think it’s easy for some of those ladies to come up to the altar here to dance in the Spirit. They are not doing it for you. This is what I am going to share. God could be dealing with something in your life. It may not be the same way but in other areas of yielding. He may not be dealing in our life to do it publicly but privately. If He is dealing in your life in the area of dancing and you are not yielding to it, you will never see a greater flow in our life. But the moment you yield to it and you flow along with it something happens. You could be a song leader for example and you are always leading in a very dignified way. But you learn to yield to it not necessarily publicly but privately. People notice something different in how you lead. Although you could lead in exactly the same way but there is a greater anointing flowing through you because you have become a wider channel of God’s anointing.

So there are many ways that God deals with our lives and it works through His Spirit taking a hold in our life and releasing a greater anointing in our life. For example, some of you have never prayed in tongues for three hours. You do it and you see the difference in your life. There are many other realms in tongues, groaning, singing in the Spirit. I mean there are thousand and thousand of ways. I have only named a few. The Holy Spirit is so creative He could invent more things and more ways. Some of you God could be dealing with you to wake up in the early hours of the morning. It takes great effort to yield but the moment you start yielding you may never tell and whisper to a single person in the whole world. And you may go about doing things the same way but yet people who are on the receiving end sense the difference. He has broken you more for it’s through a broken and contrite spirit that the presence of God flows through us.

Falling Under the Power is part of a series called The Anointing of the Holy Spirit taught by Ps Peter Tan, after he had a personal visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ, who taught him on this subject. His website is Eagle Vision Ministry.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Believer's Anointing

The believer’s anointing is the measure of the Spirit of God that every believer receives when they are born again. It is placed within the spirit of a believer. That measure of believer’s anointing can be increased. It does not remain stagnant. Some people who teach on the believer’s anointing say that it couldn’t be increased. But it can be increased. In the book we mentioned why it can be increased and we just want to run through just to make sure we cover them before we go into new territory.

The reasons why it can be increased is No. 1 a believer can grow in faith. It stands to reason that if you can grow in faith you will grow in the measure of the anointing in your life. So that is one proof why it can be increased.

The second reason why it can be increased is that a believer can grow in grace. The bible says we grow in grace. Grace can be multiplied and grace can increase. And if we grow in grace then we grow in the anointing because grace is tied up to the anointing just as faith is tied up to the anointing. You cannot grow in faith without growing in the anointing. You cannot grow in grace without growing in anointing. They are proportional since they grow together. They are not separated. They are interlinked together.

The third reason why the believer’s anointing can grow is because of the growth in glory. We are changed and being transformed from glory to glory. And there are different measures of glory right now in this place and all over the world. Every one of us is in different stages of glorification. One day when Jesus comes we will have the fullness of glorification of spirit, soul and body. But right now we all have different degrees of glorification that have taken place in our spirit and in our mind and in our soul and in our body. So a growth in glory produces a growth in the believer’s anointing within.

The believer’s anointing can do five things. There are five signs which follow the believer. And these are five things that every believer who is born again no matter whether they one minute old Christian, one year old Christian, ten year old Christian, they can do the same thing with the believer’s anointing. Remember we are not talking about the anointing upon but the anointing within. The anointing upon operates on different laws from the anointing within. They work on totally separate laws.

I have been struggling to find a natural illustration and I believe I have found that. You see electricity flows on certain laws. The electricity is a good symbol of the anointing of God. There are many observable facts in electricity that are tied up to the way the anointing flows. When electricity flows it can produce light, heat, and turn a fan. It can produce vibrations that make sound. So that is what I call the normal level the electricity operates on. However when the temperature changes, the flow of electricity begins to follow different laws. If you read about it in science, it’s called the theory of super conductivity. This theory was so hard to understand that the first scientist who managed to explain super conductivity was awarded the Nobel Prize. That indicates how difficult it was to crack the theory of conductivity. It’s easy to explain the ohms law to calculate the current and the voltage. These are standard laws.

But super conductivity is a different realm. What does it mean? You see if I connect ten volts of electricity to one end of a wire and allow it to pass through certain electrical appliances and flow out to another wire, the initial ten voltage will be reduced to five volts after passing through resistance in the appliance and wire. In layman’s terms, I release about ten million electrons into one end of the wire but there are so many molecules that serve as blockages along the wire that finally only five million electrons can successfully pass through to the other end of the wire. So this is called resistance. As a result of that you need tremendous power to run heavy-duty equipments and machineries.

But super conductivity is where I put ten million electrons through one end of the wire and yet the same ten million electrons pass out at the other end of the wire without resistance. What happened is that the wire is cooled down to a certain temperature until all the molecules in the wire have stopped vibrating. There is no resistance at all. That means I could just take a battery to run a big machine because there is no energy loss or wastage. A hundred percent input produces a hundred percent output. There is no loss in energy. That is why scientists were interested in superconductivity as it means a huge saving in industrial and fuel costs. Our modern technology runs on electricity. Can you imagine how interested scientists are to find out how they could understand super conductivity? If they could understand it they could build electric cars. Today electric cars are not viable because it’s very hard to retain the amount of electricity to keep the car going for a longer period of time. If they could discover a way it will be fantastic. And if they could discover a way to understand super conductivity they would be able to build powerful lasers. Today lasers are not so viable. They are very expensive to build because of the amount of energy that is required to charge a crystal and put the amount of electron through it in order to produce the light that they call laser beam. It is too expensive. If they could find a way to cut down resistance and get all the electricity working it will be so cheap.

In fact through the beginning of this year one of the greatest excitements was that somebody discovered super conductivity that broke the previous theory. And today they realize that certain elements that have super conductivity that nobody could explain it still. Do you know today they haven’t got the explanation yet? The first guy who does it will get the Nobel Prize. They had something that works but they don’t understand how it works. They couldn’t explain it. So they observed the elements under the electronic microscope. You know what they discovered? The super conductivity is below the freezing point temperature. The cold temperature caused vapor nitrogen to liquefy and examined under the electron microscope, found that the molecules look like flattened pizzas.

The anointing within is like electricity running at room temperature. The anointing upon is the law of electricity functioning at super conductivity level. There are certain different laws that operate them. There are similarities because the whole thing is still electron but there differences. So that is a natural illustration to differentiate between the anointing within and the anointing upon.

We are going to consider how the anointing within functions and grow its five functions based on Mark 16:17-18. Jesus said that those who believe in His name they shall No. 1 cast out devils; No. 2 speak in new tongues; No.3 have authority over serpents and preaching the gospel. When preaching the gospel it is not for you to take Mk. 16:17-18 and go out into the Malaysian jungle looking for a python or a king cobra just to test out Mk. 16:17-18. No. 4, immunity to poison when we are preaching the gospel.

Again we say that when preaching the gospel I qualify it so that people won’t go around and get the funny interpretation out of it and say, “Well, Mk.16:17-18 tests whether you are really a believer or not. In this church there is a huge big bottle that is marked with a skeleton and a skull and there is poison in that bottle. All of you line up here and drink the poison. That will test whether you are a believer or not.” But that’s not the way to do it. You may be a believer but still die out of your ignorance and stupidity. So that is not what the scripture was given for. That scripture was given so that as you go preaching the Word of God people may try to poison you and nothing will happen to you. You are immune to it as you are preaching the Word of God.

The fifth area that is mentioned is recovery of sick through laying on of hands. Now those five realms of function are the anointing within function in five realms. The first realm casting our demons speaks about the anointing within a believer that gives you exousia over spirit beings that are demons. And because of the anointing within you, the spirit beings can be controlled by you. There is a source of power that flows through your life with the believer’s anointing. When that power is released and if demons don’t obey you the anointing within begin to make them uncomfortable.

No. 2 speaks about supernatural communication with God. You have a hot line to God. Isn’t it wonderful to have a hot line to God? Any time day or night that bypasses your mind and understanding you could just pray in tongues and then you could reach out to God. You spirit will commune with God’s Spirit. That’s because of the deposit of the anointing within you. So you have authority over demonic realm, spirit beings. You have in a sense not to be misunderstood you have “authority” with God. The first is over demons; this is with God. Because of the anointing within you could approach God and you could prevail with God in your request. God honors the anointing that He has placed within your life. Makes you different so you have authority. I always use the word authority, authority over demons, authority with God.

The anointing within deals with exousia the anointing upon deals with dunamis. Exousia is delegated authority and power. Dunamis refers to the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. That is more frequently used of the anointing upon. Exousia is always used of the anointing within. Exousia means the authority of the believer that God has given.

So you have No. 1 authority over demons. No. 2 authority with God.

No. 3 you have authority over the animal world. And serpents are among the worst. You have authority over the natural kingdom of animals. You could cross a river somewhere in East Malaysia and there comes a huge long Malaysian crocodile coming to you and you say, “In Jesus’ name,” and the crocodile will go back and turn the other way. And that was what happened in Mel Tari case when he was crossing the river and a crocodile came at him. He said, “In Jesus’ name,” and the crocodile understood English and went the other way. What was that? That was the authority of a believer. One day the dogs will come to you barking and in Jesus’ name, you rebuke them and the dogs will run away. Don’t go and try on somebody’s pet. But it’s useful to know what authority you have. See we have authority over the animal kingdom. You need to have that realization because one day God is going to send some of you to some African jungles somewhere where there are tigers and lions, wild animals and you will be called to preach to some offbeaten track somewhere. You have to cross a few lions’ den. You pray, “God send me a helicopter,” but God says, “Use your believer’s authority.” You will need it one day. We need to know we have authority over the animals. They don’t have authority over us. You could take authority over animals. Please don’t go to the zoo after this and tell the zookeeper, “I want to test out something. Can I please get into the lion case please?” That may be the last we hear of you. So we have the authority over the animal kingdom. Some people have authority and they don’t realize it so they never use it.

Then the fourth area we have authority over natural substances. If you are sent to a place where there are poisonous substances in the air, like anthrax or nuclear radiation you could claim the authority of the blood of Jesus Christ. You will be protected and the poison will not affect your system. You have authority over poisonous substances. That gives us tremendous authority. Our Lord Jesus was powerful He has set the examples. So we have authority over natural substances. Remember it’s not an authority that you could just play around with.

Lastly we have authority over the works of the devil. It’s exousia in five realms. We have authority over the works of the devil. The works of the devil are sicknesses and diseases upon people’s life. The reason why I call authority is that you have to release it. Do you know that all five authorities are released in the same way? The last one is over sickness and diseases. It says, “They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” That is what I call a point of contact. But it says they shall lay hands in the name of Jesus.

Lets look at Mk. 16 very carefully in verse 178-18 And these signs will follow those who believe: if you are a Greek scholar and you read it in the Greek New Testament you realize that in the original Greek New Testament there are no colon etc. And I believe for one place that is where they put the colon in the wrong place. They should put and these signs will follow those who believe in My name: they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. I would rather put the colon after in My name. That means that when you are doing all the five things, it is because of delegated authority. You see delegated authority needs a delegated name that you carry. It’s not your own authority remember that. If you come in the authority of somebody to bear somebody’s name and you say, “I come in the name of so and so,” you have to use a representation.

And all the five realms of authority that the believer’s anointing gives us is released through the invoking of that majestic name of Jesus. In the first case where it talks about demonic realm, it’s easy. When you invoke the name of Jesus demons tremble. So you really want to give the demon a disco you say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” and they will start dancing. Demons tremble at that name. You want a release of the languages of tongue, communication with God – “Jesus, Jesus.” In My name they shall cast out demons. In My name they shall speak in new tongues. In My name they shall have authority over the animal kingdom, over serpents. In My name they shall have authority over poisonous substances. In My name they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. All five need His name. And there is one way the name of Jesus is released and that is what we want to see all five realms of authority are released in one way. Through the power of the spoken Word. That is words being spoken.

Now when you operate the anointing upon over demons, demons can leave without you saying anything. Acts 19 the handkerchief was so anointed that when it touched demon-possessed people, the demons ran off.

But when you operate a believer’s anointing, remember it’s like electricity operating at normal room temperature. You would have to say something. The believer’s anointing is released through the power of the spoken word. And that’s where a lot of Christians missed it. I could imagine when God created Adam and Eve, God told Adam, “I give you dominion over the birds of the air, over the fish of the sea, over the cattle of the field and over every creeping thing that creeps.” And Adam said, “Yes sir.” The next thing you know Adam takes a club and starts marching up and down. “Adam, what are you doing?” “I am taking authority.” “What is the club for?” “To help me take authority.” No, Adam was no cave man walking about with his club. So when the animals were not obedient he would take the club and he will club them. That’s not the way. God never give Adam quote unquote an apparent weapon. He had no gun he had no club. What weapon did he use? How is Adam going to exercise his dominion? The word. All Adam had to say is, “Pelican, come here.” “Yes, sir.” “Lions, quiet.” “Yes, sir.” He walked about his dominion and authority; he needed no gun and no club. And he goes to the sea and he said, “Whale, come here.” “Yes, sir.” He doesn’t need any weapon. His spoken word is enough.

When Jesus came on this planet earth and manifested, He showed the power of the Spirit life within Him and He showed the power of the anointing upon. He showed both. And the powerful thing that He shows was that His word has life Jn. 6:63. His words had power. And that’s how you release the believer’s anointing. You have to say something. A lot of believers have the believer’s anointing but they don’t know how to release it. It’s just like buying a powerful car that could run at three hundred kilometers an hour. But you harness two bulls to the front of your car with ropes; crack the whip and cry, “Gidddupppp!”

It’ just like a missionary who traveled all the way to visit one of his native friends. He crossed the sea, crossed the jungle and came close to the lions. Finally exhausted he reached this cave where this native dwells with the other natives. When he went there, there was a telephone there. “How come there is a telephone here? Where is the line?” The native looks up and said, “No line. This is for display only. That phone is useless; it is only for decoration.” Yet it has all the potential of being a fully functional phone. But it has no place to plug in. No line no release.

God has given believers tremendous authority. But the authority is not released. We have the exousia power of a believer but believers are not realizing how to exercise this power. Some are allowing their homes to be plundered by the enemy without taking authority against it like Adam allowed the serpent to tempt Eve and deceive her while he was with her. Yes the bible says Adam was with her. She gave the fruit in Gen. 3 to the man who was with her.

Some old story tells you once upon a time there was Adam and Eve. Adam was out farming or gardening and Eve was wondering near the tree hanging around. Adam was very far away. There was the serpent and it was at the branch there and said, “Why don’t you eat of this fruit?” Eve took one bite and straightaway went looking for Adam. Finally after some time, she found Adam and says, “Adam, try this fruit.” Adam takes one bite and asked, “By the way where is it from?” She said, “O that tree of knowledge of good and evil.” And he ended with Adam’s apple in his throat. Silly old story. That is not true.

The bible tells us in Gen. 3 that Adam was with her. What was Adam doing? Adam was supposed to have authority and domain. He was supposed to have authority over everything that creeps. He could have told the serpent, serpent shut up and the serpent would shut up. He could have rebuked that serpent. A lot of Christians are allowing Satan to dominate their lives, to wreck their families, to overcome them. And they are crying to God, “God, help.” God asked, “What are you doing? I gave you the authority: in My name they shall cast out demons not Me.” It never says, “In My name, God shall cast out demons for them.” In My name they shall cast out demons.

The first law operating in the believer’s anointing is to understand the power of words. Words are the capsules that contain the believer’s anointing and release it forth. The believer’s anointing in all five realms depends on the word we speak. The next time you want to release the believer’s anointing over anything, speak it out verbally. That is why we say grace over food. You know we are releasing tremendous authority and power over substances that you partake of. When you make a confession over your home you are releasing the anointing, and this anointing is not the anointing upon but the anointing within. Words are powerful and believers are not using them enough. You are not taking authority. Exousia is not operating. Believers are just as dumb as Adam standing next to the woman letting her talk to the serpent. Usually the wife gets turn on starts taking authority here and there. Children get sick. Things don’t quite work out. Both come to church. The Lord starts working on the husband and say, “You are the head of the family and you should take authority.” He is allowing his home to be wrecked ruined because he is standing there like Adam dumb while the serpent is crawling all over his kitchen, all over his living room. He is just saying nothing. The day the husband starts taking authority and say, “In Jesus’ name I won’t allow you to put sickness on my family.” That will be the first time the devil picks up his bag and say goodbye. That will be the day the devil leaves. The authority is released through the spoken words.

Now it’s also controlled by a second factor. For some of you when you hear there is power in the spoken words you have become a ghostbuster maniac. The first demon possessed person you see, you grab them and commanded, “In Jesus’ name get out.” The demon laughs, “Yes,” but stays put instead. I wonder why the demon doesn’t obey him. Some bible carrying, tongue talking, hand laying fire anointed come to the sick and said, “In Jesus’ name be healed.” That fellow got worse. They go back check the concordance and their bible. Check Mk. 16 and it says, “They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed.” I did lay hands in Jesus’ name and I learned that words released the power and my words don’t work. What is wrong?

There is a second factor that controls it. Don’t forget the first part that says, “Those who believe in My name,” that is, your faith level. Your faith level controls the amount of believer’s anointing released when you speak His word. If your faith level is small even though your words are big and loud but a lot of doubts behind your mind and in your heart your anointing released is a trickle. It is not the loudness of your words that determines the power content. Sometimes when you take authority you can’t help it if your voice does get higher, louder etc. But it is not just the loudness of the voice the demon obeys. But if you don’t have the faith you copy the method but not the principles you are heading for disaster. If you want to copy, copy the principles. And then if you don’t have other methods go ahead and copy them but develop your own method. So you copy his method but you don’t know the principles behind. He has faith but you only got loud voice.

If it is the loudness of the voice that cast out demons it’s very easy for all of us. All we have to do is to fix an amplifier system and turn it loud. Put the demon possessed right in the center where all the loud speakers are facing him. Turn it high. Then you just relax in a sound proof room. You don’t have to scream; you let the electronic system do the deliverance for you. They won’t come out because of the loudness of the voice. That’s not it. It’s not just the loudness of the voice although when you exercise authority you do tend to get louder. But it’s the faith level behind the spoken words that releases the anointing.

So you learn that there are five different ways of believer’s anointing works. It operates through the spoken word in all the five of them and using Jesus’ Name. No. 2 it operates through your faith level. We are exhorted to grow in faith and not doubt. God has given to the believer enough power to do the works of Jesus with the anointing within. If you could walk with the full revelation of the anointing within, where whatever you say you believe that it comes to pass.

Now notice what the believer’s authority operates in Mk. 11:23 For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, “Be removed and be cast into the sea. And does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Let me take the middle part and expand on it because that is the part that is not very clear to people. It says, but believes that those things he says will be done. Let me pull that whole phrase out because it has to be seen clearly.

It says, ”…believes that those things he says will come to pass.” It’s different from believing that what he believes will come to pass. It did not say, “but believes that what he believes come to pass.” That’s what a lot of people are doing. They think they are in Mk. 11:22-24 but they actually are acting on Mark chapter zero verse six neither here nor there. Mark 11 :23 says, “but believes that those thing he says will come to pass”. Instead, a lot of believers are believing that what they believe will come to pass. They are exercising faith on something inside instead of something they released.

Mk. 11:23 specially is true of the believers anointing. You have to believe in the anointing that God has given to you when you were born again. You have to have absolute faith in that. The next time you pray for somebody you don’t have to pray and open your eyes, pray and open your eyes, looking for some symptoms or some signs. That is not the anointing of a believer operating. That is trying to tap on the anointing upon which is a different operation. A lot of people when they pray for a person they begin to check. Are you O.K? Can move now or not? They are always checking. They pray with half their eyes opened. They are checking for physical signs.

You may do that when you are operating in the anointing upon because the anointing upon is a different realm. But the believer’s anointing will not permit you to do that. You must believe that what you say is already coming to pass. And the better way of releasing it is this. You will come a sick person, even if that person doesn’t show any symptom of recovery, and say, “In Jesus’ name be healed,” and exercise all your faith in the words you say going through the person. You cannot be exercising much faith in your own words if you doubt your own words. You have to keep repeating them to encourage your own faith.

Let me give you an example. You cannot come to somebody and say, “I think that the longer the prayer the faster the answer.” And you pray, “Father we thank you he is recovering etc,” and you have to repeat about ninety nine times. The longer the better. It is not always so. Sometimes the longer the prayer, the faster they die. I like to enjoy watching people how they release their anointing in their life. Sometimes some of them I know they are doubting their own words. They can believe that what they believe will one day come to pass. But they find it difficult to believe in the words that they say. So the words that they say they have to exercise a little bit of faith. They have some faith in God some faith in their heart but they have no faith in their own words.

Look at Mk. 11:23 it is faith in words. Let me put it in plain English. It is faith in words. Whoever says if you have faith as a mustard seed you will say to this mountain be removed and be cast into the sea and if he does not believe in his heart but believe in his own words it will come to pass. It’s believing in your own words. Do you know people don’t believe in their own words? That’s the problem. If you don’t believe your own words you cancel your own anointing. When you release the believer’s anointing the faith level is determined. So the next time you prepare yourself and if you are casting out a demon you get more results if you treat your words like bullets. If you don’t value your own words just like a soldier value bullets, you will have no effect. Treat your words like bullets that are thrown out. The next time you release a believer’s anointing treat your words like bullets. A lot of believers are too loose lips. In fact so loose that their lips are dragging the ground. Their words have lost its power. The bible says in the book of James that if any man who does not know how to control their tongue their religion is false. The more powerful you are spiritually you are the less words you speak. That doesn’t mean the more spiritual you are the more you don’t talk. I am talking about a principle here. Your words are like bullets. If you use them carefully they are going to be powerful. So when you pray to cast out demons next time believe in your own words. You come and you say, “In Jesus’ name, come out,” whether you scream or shout or say softly, the demon may do whatever he wants but you just walk off. And if you walk off believing in the power of your own words that fellow will recover. We will need to waste less time trying to work ourselves up.

Smith Wigglesworth tapped on this a lot. One day he was brought to this house and there were a few pastors with him. He is one of those I really admire who walked in the authority of a believer. He moved in the anointing upon but walked in the authority of a believer. Authority of a believer makes you a king. A king in five realms. Do you know it never included human spirits? So please exercise your kingly domain in the right domain. For example the Government of Indonesia cannot just come into Malaysia and say I am the Government here. They only got authority in their territory. So we do not have authority over human spirits. But we have authority over the other five realms. So don’t take the word I am a king in Christ wrongly. We have no authority over human beings; we must know our realm of authority. You have to work differently with human beings. It takes great patience and love.

Smith Wigglesworth one day was going to this house and this demon-possessed girl was there. He took one look at her and he only spoke one sentence: “In Jesus’ name, come out.” Then he walked away. That’s all. He believed in his own words. The demon outwardly was still there in her. The pastors there said that she is still possessed. Why did he let her go like that? He should have slapped her until the demon came out. The demon-possessed girl followed him downstairs and made monkey business out of the whole thing. As Smith Wigglesworth was going out, he turned around, took one look at the demon and the girl and said, “I told you to leave,” and just walked off. No manifestation but the next day she was completely healed. He believed in his words and he released the anointing of a believer. That’s how the anointing of a believer is released. The next time you want to tap the power in this realm remember how to release the anointing within so that it could be powerful for God.

Eagle Vision Ministry

The Greatest Works of Jesus

The main key to doing both the works of Jesus and greater works is in learning the secret of union with Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ said that all the works He did was done by the Father in Him.” Note how He emphasizes His union with the Father.

The greater works is defined “as for quality we do not believe that we can improve on any healing or miracle that Jesus has done because a miracle is a miracle perfect in itself. By quality works, we mean that Jesus could have done these works if He had opportunity but He did not have them in Israel during those days.

We are going to touch on the greater works of Jesus and see some of these opportunities that God has and some principles that are involved in the greater works of Jesus. When Jesus said in John 14:12, “The works that I do he will do also and greater works than this shall he do,” what does He mean by “greater works.” We are talking about the anointing upon Jesus. Since He says we are going to do greater works that Him, what is the definition of “greater”? That’s what we are trying to define.

We define “greater” in two areas. It is either greater in quantity or quality. By the term “quality,” please understand that this does not mean we do better works than Jesus. Instead, this is due to the fact that He did not have the opportunity to do such works in His time. In Jesus’ earthly time, some sicknesses or situations were non-existent for Him to work. It was not because He was not able. But if you compare our times and Jesus’ time, the healing of present types of diseases like AIDS and SARS translate into a work of greater quality. These are works that Jesus did not do. As regards to the quantity of work, Jesus was limited in one physical body during His ministry but now every born again believer has the potential of receiving the anointing of Jesus. Every Christian has a believer’s anointing and the anointing upon. You may not be called to the five-fold office, like an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher. But as a business man, a professional or a general worker, you could have a special anointing upon your life for your field of work where you are doing it as on to the Lord. The Lord may grant you special wisdom and qualification like Aholiah and Bezalel in Moses days. They were neither preachers nor teachers but they had the skills that came from the anointing upon on their lives. God specially anointed them with those skills. So the anointing upon is not only belonging to those in the ministry. It’s for every believer whatever function and call of ministry that you have God will give you an anointing upon, especially for you in those areas that nobody has functioned in. Whether in the nine ministries of believers or in the five-fold office, you can function to the fullest capacity in your kind and type of anointing that God has upon your life.

So in quantity we are speaking about the combined amount of works done by great numbers of anointed Christians at any one time throughout the world. Whereas Jesus ministered in one place at a time, now all over the world ministers are healing the sick in a numerically greater way.

The other word meaning of “greater” could be in a qualitative sense. Like for example there are some situations where Jesus did not handle that other ministries had handled. In Kathryn Kuhlman’s meeting in the book “A Glimpse Into Glory” it records how that a doctor has operated a patient and put into the patient an artificial heart pacer. When that person was healed in a miracle service, the doctors couldn’t find that heart pacer any more. The patient came to the doctor to ask for a certificate since he wanted him to verify that he is now alright. The doctor refused, saying that he will be mocked since he actually had implanted a heart pacer inside and it disappeared when the healing took place. They don’t know what happened to the metal heart pacer.

I have also heard from some evangelist friends and ministers how there were patients whose diseased or fractured bones had been removed and the surgeons screwed back metal plates and rods as replacements. During ministry and anointing the patients felt a heat on the affected parts of the body. When the x-ray is shown there were no more screws or metal. These metallic implants disappeared and were replaced by flesh when the healing took place.

These are present day wonderful miracles of God, which were not recorded as done by the Lord Jesus. In those days, such operations were not available. Certain sicknesses common to modern man were not present in Jesus’ times like exposure to radiation. Methods are used today that were not available in the Early Church times. When Oral Roberts was at the peak of his ministry he went into T.V ministry. When he ministers over the T.V. he would say to the audience sitting at home to lay your hands on the T.V. screen as he prayed. When he prayed the anointing flows through the T.V. set into their bodies. One person who was healed that way was Don Basham who said he felt the power going through the T.V. Sometimes the funny thing is that the T.V. program was recorded two months ago and the anointing was still present to heal.

See these are greater works not because Jesus couldn’t do them; He did not have the opportunity to work such greater works because people back then did not have our present day advanced technology. Today, you could have an evangelistic meeting in one city and is linked by satellites to other meetings in huge stadiums in different parts of the world. The man of God shouts, “In Jesus’ Name” and demons are cast out from the ten million people watching that live program. That would be the greatest mass deliverance the world has ever seen. This is the opportunity that we have today that in Jesus time they did not have. These are examples of works greater quality and quantity that Jesus did not have the opportunity to demonstrate.

The book of Acts 5 records how Peter’s shadow healed the sick and that is a remarkable “greater works.” This method of healing was not recorded in the life of Jesus. But it’s so special and unique. Imagine healing by shadow. That is something new, something fresh that is not seen before. Some of you may move into some of the most peculiar kind of anointing. But you may get prosecuted for your peculiarities.

Lets consider that in Jn. 14:7 If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also, and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.” Philip said to Him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is sufficient for us.” Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father, so how can you say, “Show us the Father? Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me? The words that I speak to you I do not speak on My own authority, but the Father who dwells in Me does the works. Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me, or else believe Me for the sake of the works themselves.

Jesus emphasizes that the key to His greater works is His union with God. He is sensitive that the Father is in Him. That means all He did in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the signs and miracles and wonders He says the Father is in Him. He told His own disciples if you don’t believe in Me believe in the results of that relationship. Now He told that also to the Pharisees outside. He told that within His own kingdom and those outside His kingdom.

In the gospel of Jn. 10 He says to the Pharisees who question His authority in Jn. 10:37 If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me, but if I do it then it’s the Father who did it you better believe in Him. Now He told that outside to people who were not His disciples and He told that in Jn. 14 to His disciples. To Jesus it’s important that everything He did was the out flow of His relationship with the Father. He was sensitive to the presence of the Father in His life. He did exactly as the Father desires.

Then He turned around in Jn. 14:12 and says the works that I do he will do also; and greater works that these he will do, because I go to My Father. Why is it that going to the Father is so important? Because in verse 13 And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. Verse 16-18 And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever – the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him, but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.

That’s a tremendous statement that He is making here. That it’s so good that He is going so that the Holy Spirit can come. Now if Jesus did not go the Holy Spirit will not come. That ties back to Jn. 14:12 the reason because I go to My Father. You can do greater works because I go to My Father. What’s so special about Him going to the Father? Because when He goes to the Father the Spirit can now not only dwell with us but in us. So that strengthens the fact that doing the greater works ties back to the knowledge and union and consciousness of Jesus in us. That is the most powerful statement that Jesus has made. Just as the Father was in Him Jesus is in us through the Spirit. And if you want to move in the greater works you have to develop a strong sense of the indwelling of Jesus in your life. Therefore when you stand to minister to people you must be conscious that your other body is just a shell. And it’s not you but Jesus inside you who is flowing out and ministering through you. That is a very important statement that He has made.

See whenever you minister as you stand to minister you are conscious of certain things, conscious of the people, conscious of Jesus. But your most important consciousness is Jesus in you. And every time you develop a consciousness of Jesus in you flowing out that’s when you get into the best position for Jesus to flow.

We open ourselves to the fullest possible when we are conscious of Jesus in us. The Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son in you ministering to the person in their full flow. As I minister to people, the important thing is that I must be conscious of Jesus. See you must be conscious of Jesus in your life and develop that consciousness in you. As I am conscious of Jesus in me I have to wait on Him.

Right now as I am saying I am not sure how Jesus wants to move. So I must check with Jesus in me. After all it’s Jesus in us who does the work. Paul himself said, “It’s no longer I who live but Christ Jesus now lives in me.” See Jesus is in us. It’s not we who do the work but it’s Jesus in us who ministers. So you got to check with Jesus inside. And if Jesus inside us doesn’t do anything you don’t do anything. If Jesus inside begins to move and begins to flow you begin to move according.

But this anointing within can be stirred forth. You open your tap to the fullest by having a consciousness of Jesus in you. Now it also helps if on the receiving end of the ministry, the person being ministered to also concentrate on Jesus. If he is thinking of something else there is a slight block. But if he also is concentrating on Jesus and I am concentrating on Jesus, there is a free flow of whatever level God wants to minister.

Illustration: As you stand there you concentrate on Jesus in your life and you sense Jesus in your spirit. As you sense His presence, you sense that warm glow flowing out. I could sense it coming through my hands. Now right where you are sit down close your eyes, relax yourself. With hands lifted or hand on your laps or whatever position, in a position of what I call to receive whatever from the Lord. Right now you just visualize and concentrate Jesus in you. Jesus in your life flowing forth. Jesus in your life blessing you. Say after me, ”Jesus I thank You that You are in me.” You are in my life. My body is Your vessel. You live in me You work Your works in me. You are in me doing the works. It’s not me doing the works; it’s You flowing through me right now. Thank You Jesus. You are flowing in me. You are working in me. You are working through me.”

Open your eyes right now. Do you notice a heightened sense of the anointing. Some people wonder how did I know whether the anointing was over this part of the congregation or over that part. How do I know that? From Jesus inside flowing forth. You have to be conscious of Jesus in you first. If you cannot be conscious of Jesus in you, you cannot be conscious of what Jesus is doing outside. You have to be conscious of Jesus in you.

Can you come up and stand here with your hands lifted up. In the previous lesson you should know about tangibility. There must be tangibility. So he senses certain tangibility as he concentrates on Jesus. Now what exactly do you sense right now? Warmth in your hands. Anything else? Warmth in your tummy. So this is his peculiarity he is sensing warmth in both his hands and tummy. Now as he concentrate on Jesus in his life now Jesus ministers through him to others. Now you just visualize Jesus ministering through to him. I want you to tell me how you are sensing it. Whether you are sensing a flow over here, over there. Just sense and flow along. The brother who is ministering is saying he is sensing it over the chest area. Now since he is doing the ministering as he hold his hands to the chest area there will be a build up over in this department. Do you sense anything over your chest as he holds you over? Very heavy all over your chest area. That is because whatever he sees he just flows along. Sometimes I see a flow flowing sometimes I see a light. Sometimes I see a particular vision. Sometimes I see Jesus Himself standing either on the right or on the left of that person and I would flow along with it.

See ministering in the anointing is not we doing it. We are just being instruments of the Lord Jesus and of the Holy Spirit and we just allow Him to minister. As our brother minister he can lay hand on his chest. And as he lay hand there is a channeling of the anointing upon his life. Each person you may sense the anointing differently. When you are the same person ministering to different people for whatever reason as I described just now only God knows what is operating and what is working, what He wants to do in a person’s life. You may sense the anointing stronger in one area than in another and you flow along.

As you lift up your hands waiting to receive, you do the same thing like he did - concentrate on Jesus. Open your spirit to Jesus. Right now as you get ready to minister and you notice Jesus in your life and flowing forth to Him which particular area you sense strongest rising through to Him. He is sensing over his head. I particularly pick up that brother Philip desires wisdom. So God has to touch him in that area and impart wisdom in his life. For that reason God wants to put an anointing over his mind. As the hands are placed over your head you sense a force going through your head, don’t you Philip?

We have to very sensitive to the anointing. As we go through this course in lesson six we realize that it’s not just a matter of ministering blindly to the people. There are all these finer details you got to be sensitive to. Tonight we are concentrating on the fact that it starts with Jesus in you. Even though I say that sometimes I can pick up in a person’s life exactly what the Lord is doing, I don’t start from the outside. It’s always from the inside. It’s always from your spirit outwards onto people. So we have to be very conscious of Jesus inside us.

In your private life when you pray in tongues be conscious of God in you flowing out. In your praise and worship as you flow along be conscious of God in you flowing out all the time. Develop that consciousness. There are different degrees of Jesus in our life. We can develop it until we are very highly conscious of Jesus all the time. Of Jesus in our lives. Jesus flowing through us. And it helps Jesus to flow through. Because we become more yielded we become a greater channel for Him to flow through. Just like Jesus was conscious of the Father we need to be conscious of Jesus to let Jesus flow through our life.

Demonstration of Anointing (part 5)

The following eyewitness report is furnished below to illustrate the work that an anointing can do. We continue with the account of some ministry done by another pastor in another church, which we left off in the previous message. This particular anointing exposes the actual demon behind our strongholds and problems in our Christian life. (Ed.)

Sixth Case

Pastor called up a Chinese woman to the mike and asked her what she wants from the Holy Spirit. She said, “I am very sensitive and get emotionally hurt easily.” Pastor told the congregation, “The enemy has spilled over her soul and is now hiding behind her soul. Most people would minister to her gently to avoid hurting her. However, demons are hiding behind her soul and there is no time to be sentimental about it. You have to deal with the demon harshly and in that way, set her free emotionally.”

After a pause, pastor called out the demon, “Annai, manifest yourself.” The woman starts shaking and crying. Pastor interrogated the demon, “How did you get into her?”

The demon answered, “Her mother dedicated her to me when she was a child. I trouble her, her husband and family. I enjoy doing it.”

Pastor then expelled the demon from her and told the congregation, “Demons cannot stand the anointing in the church. So when Christians harboring demons in them come to church where the anointing level is high, the demons hide behind their souls. If these demons were to remain in the spirit man of these Christians, they would be hit directly by the anointing. Hence, they hide behind the intellectual, emotional, and volitional faculties of the souls of Christians. Most Christians’ intellectual, emotional, and volitional faculties are filled with strongholds and when the anointing level in a church service is high, the demons are able to find refuge behind these strongholds and shield themselves from the anointing. Sin is the bottom line and is behind the growth of strongholds in one’s soul. If Christians do not deal with the sins of their intellect, will, and emotion and repent, strongholds will take hold of these parts of their soul. As long as sin is not dealt with and put away, demons have a right to lodge behind these strongholds and there will be no deliverance. Once you have this knowledge, you can lead a person to repent of their intellectual, emotional, and volitional sins. After that, the anointing can demolish the strongholds in their souls and set them free from the evil spirits lodging behind those strongholds. That is why Christians need to prepare themselves and repent of their strongholds before they come to anointed meetings. When they do so, they will find progressive breakthroughs in subsequent meetings. If they do not, they will not be touched at all even if the anointing level is very high in a meeting. ”

Seventh Case

Another Chinese woman is called to the mike. She said, “I find it difficult to obey and submit to my husband.” Pastor told her to repent, ask for forgiveness from God and asks for grace for deliverance.

Pastor called out the demon causing this problem in her, “Myloi,” and expelled it from her. He then continued, “The soul plays a critical role in your personal deliverance and breakthrough. The will of the person is critical to his or her deliverance. During the praying over session, the evil spirits can appear before God and present their case but you cannot hear the proceedings taking place in heaven. The evil spirits can argue, “This person does not want to give up his bad habits, so why should I give up my place in him?” According to righteousness and justice, the evil spirits do have legal grounds to remain in that person who refuses to repent. God’s anointing must be used according to the laws. You must lead that person to repent first so that the evil spirits do not have legal grounds to remain in him. Once he has repented, then only may the anointing be used to cast out the demon. You cannot use the anointing lawlessly.”

Eighth Case

An Indian man is called to the mike. He says, “I need a breakthrough in my prayer life. I find that I can pray for three days but after that, I find it difficult to be faithful and consistent in my prayer life. I find it difficult to be touched by God in a service.”

Pastor commented, “There are several reasons why a lot of people cannot be touched by God. Firstly, there is unrepentance in the person’s life. If sin is present, God will back away from you. God never fails. He always blesses. Only sin prevents His blessings. Secondly, there is resistance in your soul and will to the workings of God. Thirdly, there are certain blockages present in your life that are caused by powerful strongholds. Fourthly, there are external blockages coming from your spouse and in-laws. Either the strongholds of those nearest and dearest to you or your own strongholds can stir the demonic presence in anyone of you to cause you problems. Fifthly, wrong concepts that are implanted in your souls. You have to bypass the barrier to the soul to get to the spirit. The enemy put on a spiritual shield in your mind to doubt and question the genuine move of God.”

“You must experience little breakthroughs in your life before you can experience the touch of God. In certain cases, the bottom line is to yield to the Holy Spirit. If you still refuse to yield to the Holy Spirit, God won’t force you.”

Pastor now tells this man to repeat this prayer after him, “Holy Spirit, I am young and ignorant of many things. I ask for grace for my spirit, soul, and body. Holy Spirit, set me free from these chains that block me from having a consistent prayer life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

Pastor then summoned the demon causing this problem in this man to manifest. He stripped the legal rights of the demon and consigned him to the place of wrath.

The pastor tells the Indian man, “There is a time for deliverance. The enemy has documents against you. In Jesus’ office in heaven, He receives many petitions from the devil against His people for their wrongdoing. When Jesus told Peter that Satan demanded for him, it was not idle talk. And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. (Luke 22: 31) Satan had legal grounds to petition Jesus for the right to sift Peter like wheat because he denied the Lord three times. In your records, your ancestors worshipped Kali, the Hindu goddess of hell. Jesus had to contract with the enemy at a very high level and purchase you with His blood. When your ancestors worshipped Kali (a Hindu goddess known as queen of hell), it opened the door for the enemy to take possession of your family tree. You came under the shield of Kali. This is why the power of God could not penetrate into your spirit. Furthermore, you were not totally committed to God. Jesus is a God of rules. He too has to observe rules. There is only one way for Jesus to help, and that is the way of grace. When you prayed the prayer for grace, God could then give you grace and deliver you.”

Ninth Case

Pastor then called up a Chinese woman to the mike. She said, “I want healing for my hands which are getting numb.” Pastor then pointed his right index finger at her and the demon in her started manifesting and saying some angry words in Chinese. Pastor said, “Demons are not linguists. They do not know every language. Some demons are cleaner than you. I once saw a clean shaven executive looking demon wearing a white shirt.” Pastor then asked some questions in English, which were interpreted into Chinese by a Chinese interpreter to the demon. The demon kept quiet. He then expelled the demon by saying, “All your legal rights stripped. Go in Jesus’ Name to the place of wrath assigned to you.”

Pastor explained, “When I say, “All your legal rights are stripped,” this means that the demon has no more right to make petition to defend himself since he has defied the Holy Spirit and violated some laws of heaven. There are rules in heaven for demons to behave too. They cannot overstep the limits permitted by God. If they do so, they will be judged and consigned to hell before their time.”

“In this case, the demon kept quiet under interrogation. Firstly, they hope to escape by pretending not to be there. Secondly, this is his strategy to counter the vessel’s judgment of him. Thirdly, they do not want you to know their secrets.”

“However, this Chinese woman did not receive complete deliverance because the Holy Spirit has opened her records and revealed that she was not submissive to her husband. She murmur and argue back in her heart. One of the reasons why the church is weak is because the wives are not submissive to their husbands. This is the doorway for Satan to attack the men and the leadership in the church. God keeps good records through His angels watching over you.”

Source : Different Levels of Anointing found in Eagle Vision Ministry, a collection of sermons preached by Ps Peter Tan.

Different Levels of Anointing

We have to learn to be sensitive to the anointing. In the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ, we mentioned how the anointing upon Him is without measure. However, He gives the anointing by measures to us. The anointing upon our lives is increased measure upon measure, as we prove faithful to the anointing. The fullest potential of the anointing we can aspire to in whatever office we stand in is the anointing without measure – the same as the anointing upon Jesus’ life. That means if God called you to be a prophet aim to reach the measureless anointing in that office, if God called you to be a teacher, aim for that. Seek the anointing upon your life to increase until it is measureless. Now that is your aim.

Jesus made a statement in Jn. 14:12, Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to the Father. This implies that now the Holy Spirit is sent without measure. The Holy Spirit has been sent in Acts 2 as prophesied without measure. He is now pouring out on all flesh. The potential is there for people to reach into that measureless anointing that Jesus had. Some people have moved in their respective office to a realm quite close to that.

When you move into the ministry of signs and wonders, you have to be very precise to follow instructions from God. There is another incident in William Branham’s life when he was called to pray for a sick person. That person was just lying on the bed. Nothing happened when he prayed over him. He did it again and nothing happened. They were wondering what was happening. Then he just sat around. There was a grand mother and the parent of the child there. Then finally after some time, he wondered why nothing was happening and he was waiting. He was just sitting down. Then after a while, he came and prayed and then it worked - a miracle took place. That person got up immediately. When asked why, he said the Lord gave him a vision. He saw the grand mother sitting on this chair and the father sitting on that chair. Then he saw himself coming in and laying hands and pronouncing that healing, then walking off. The first time when he did it the grand mother was in a wrong position. She was in a different place and not exactly fitting the vision. That is why nothing happened. He was waiting and waiting for them to get into the position that he saw exactly in the vision. Then only the healing took place. That was the position that you got to be in. These are what I call peculiarities.

As we move into the anointing, you have to move exactly as God showed you - no less, no more. There have been men and women who have moved into levels of anointing close to the level of Jesus Christ in the office God has called them. Every minister called by God should aspire to reach into that anointing without measure. However there are principles to move into that measureless anointing.

We all start with a measure of anointing God placed on our lives. God is not going to give you the measureless anointing immediately. There must be testing; there must be proving and there must be faithfulness shown. God will give a deposit of anointing upon our life up to a certain level. Then as you are faithful to flow in it, as you are faithful to function in it, then God gives another measure. Then at that greater measure God will test your faithfulness. God will see whether you flow in it. What happens if you are not faithful? You remain at the measure you have been last given.

Let me illustrate with something you could identify with. Let say that you have been given the measure of the anointing where you would be able to prophesy in public. However, every time the anointing and the Word of God came, you resisted it. Do not think that when the anointing comes, it is going to force you to do something. It does not force you. It just prompts you and the obedience must be yours. As the anointing comes, the person resists it the first time. Later in a different meeting, the same thing comes again. That person resists the prompting of the Holy Spirit again. That would be quenching the Spirit of God. That person can go on out of shyness, out of fear of publicity, out of whatever reason. He could justify his disobedience but that is not acceptable to God. He could give a natural reason and God would not accept it. The years could pass by and that person will still be the same. The measure of the anointing given to him was not allowed to function. The gift of God in such a person’s life can never be perfected. You have to grow into the perfect operation of the gift.

The Corinthians had the gifts of God but they were not operating them perfectly. This shows us that the operation and perfection of the gift depend on us not on God. Paul never question that the gifts that the Corinthians had were not from God. He acknowledged that they were from God but he wrote that he would show them a more perfect way to operate those gifts. The operation and perfection of a gift depends on us not on God. It is our responsibility.

Let us say the same person with the measure of anointing to prophesy publicly began to flow in that gift regularly whenever the anointing is there. Sooner or later, God is going to promote him or her. He is going to give you a greater measure of anointing to move into something else. God tests and proves us to know whether we are faithful or not.

Now for those in the ministry, when you stand to minister, God may give you words of knowledge. You resist giving them since you rather just preach and teach. Perhaps it is in a home fellowship or in a smaller meeting and the word of knowledge comes to you. You resist giving the word. You ask, “What happens if no body respond?” For the next ten years, you remain that way until you obey. When you obey and you are faithful in that gift, a greater measure of that anointing will develop in your life. You could flow into a greater measure. It will grow from measure to measure, faith to faith, glory to glory. We must not stop. We must grow until we arrive at the perfect function of a ministry that God has for us.

God could give you a ministry of prophesying over people and every time the anointing comes, you could sense God telling you to act on the prompting. However, all these things need a human response. You may say, “No, I do not want to do that. I do not feel like doing that.” You resist and you quenched the Spirit of God. If you keep on doing that ten years later you will still be where you are. You would not have progressed. If you are not even faithful to the measure God gives to you, there is no point in talking about the measureless anointing. Unless you are faithful to the measure God gives you will not have more.

Growth in the anointing comes with faithfully moving in the measure you already have. For example, when God first started operating the word of knowledge in my life, I have to faithfully give it. When it comes, I will say, “All right God is showing that this is the category of the sickness He wants to heal,” and I faithfully gave it. Whether people respond or not, that is their responsibility. Whether you respond or not is your responsibility. You have to faithfully give it. I found something started happening. The more I give the more it came. The more it came and the more I give out, it gets sharper and sharper. As I continued in it, later, I found out that it began to operate with another side effect. At first it operates with what I call the side effect of tangibility - I sense it on my body. Later it operates together with vision. It reached a certain point where it started operating with vision. When that operates with vision, it reaches a greater form of accuracy that can take place. That comes because of faithfulness.

The anointing can be measured. The anointing enables us to do the works of Jesus. The anointing can be increased. Just as we grow from faith to faith, from glory to glory, and from grace to grace, we also can grow in the level of anointing in our life. In addition, the Holy Spirit is received in measures. We can measure the amount and the level of anointing that operates in our life. There are different degrees, different measures of the anointing. That measure of the anointing we are talking about here now is the measure of the anointing that God gives you to operate.

Lets illustrate: God could call you to operate in the measure of ten volts of anointing. You have a ten volts measure of the anointing. As you move in your anointing, sometimes you find that you were not up to it. You did not spend enough time with God. Alternatively, the response from people to your ministry fluctuates. Sometimes they have more faith in you but sometimes they have less faith in the anointing that God has placed in your life. In some meetings, they have high expectancy but in some meetings low expectancy. Although the anointing in your life is about ten volts, sometimes it flows at eight volts, sometimes at three and sometimes at ten. The level of anointing depends on the type of meeting that you are conducting, the expectancy level of the people and the level of your own preparedness.

Three factors affect the level of the anointing in a meeting.

The Will of God

Although the will of God is for you to operate at ten volts, it does not mean you will operate at the level of ten volts everywhere you go. The anointing upon is not twenty-four hours. When the anointing upon is not functional in your life, it will be lifted off you. It will not be upon you all the time. If the anointing is upon you all the time, you cannot sleep. Even if the measure of anointing that you have is ten volts, remember, it still has to function according to the will of God. It depends on the will of God whether God wants you to operate at that type of meeting. If there is no need for the anointing to manifest then the anointing will not manifest. For example, if you are going for supper, obviously the need for the anointing is not there. Otherwise, if the anointing of ten volts is upon you, you could hardly order your meal. Every time you want to say something, you utter, “The Spirit of the Lord.” The anointing comes only when there is a need for it. It depends on the will of God to manifest the anointing although the fullest potential you could move in is the measure of anointing God has given you. The first cause is the will of God.

Then the other cause is your preparedness. Sometimes you may not be more prepared than the other times. Sometimes you may be able to spend time waiting on God more than other times. During that time, you have spent more time waiting on God. In your preparedness, you are more able to tap into the full measure of the anointing on your life. If you have done all the necessary preparation that you could for a meeting and if you are a ten volts anointed minister, you will flow at the level of ten volts subject to the other third reason. You have these ten volts in your life. Sometimes maybe during the day you are running about and doing too many things. Perhaps you have an evangelistic meeting in Japan. You flew all the way there. You had a good rest and the meeting is the next night. In the morning of the next day, you go all over Tokyo sight seeing. In the afternoon lunchtime, you had a large helping of Japanese delicacies for lunch. Then you go and do all your shopping. Just about an hour before the meeting, you rush back into your hotel. You washed yourself quickly and go to the meeting. You may have ten volts but you may be able to flow only in about five volts of anointing since you have lowered your preparedness. You did not shut yourself aside to consecrate yourself to the Lord.

See there is a price to pay in ministry. Sometimes people do not realize the price you pay. I only share this with bible school students. Most of you want to know what goes on behind the scenes. Many people do not know I sleep very little on Saturday night. I get up early on Sunday morning and wait upon the Lord for the congregation. You pay the price. The sacrifices you made for the body. Sometimes when I travel if I minister, I consecrate myself onto the Lord. My wife knows we do not have any sexual relationship at all when I minister. I just shut myself up onto the Lord. It is the price you pay and people sometimes do not appreciate the sacrifices you make. They do not realize the cause of pain behind the scene and the sacrifice you made. Praise God He will reward you in other ways.

We should realize that preparedness is necessary. By preparedness, I mean your personal relationship with God. There is a degree of preparedness. When I travel to places, I hardly go sightseeing. The only time I could do so is when the meeting is over. Then I relax a little bit and I just let people take me around. A mission director told me how he took a group of foreigners to Singapore. He had this team of bible students. The moment the plane landed in Singapore, they started shopping. Everyone started discussing how to plan their shopping. They shopped till they dropped and they ended up suffering a series of misfortunes. Somebody lost his passport; some were delayed here and there. Why, their minds were not on ministry.

Preparedness affects the anointing of God in our life. If God calls you to minister in some way, God will expect you to give yourself. That is what we mean by giving yourself to your office and ministry. There are some things which I have said that those not in the ministry can never understand. Only those who have been in the ministry understand what is involved. Those who have never lived by faith do not understand what is involved. Sometimes I feel grieved with people who are not in the ministry passing comments on those in the ministry. Wait until you get into it, and then you will realize what it is like. A person who is successful in the world does not mean he will be successful in the ministry. It is a different thing altogether.

Now the opposite is also true - a person who is successful in the ministry may not be successful in the world. The fact is that of all professions, the ministry has the highest price to pay. It is easier to work in a secular job, give an encouraging word now and then to the pastor, and have a little home fellowship in your house. If you have never been in the ministry to give yourself to it, you do not understand the sacrifices that will be involved, the preparedness that is required and the sacrifices at home.

For that reason Jesus in Jn. 17 says for this purpose, I sanctify Myself. He consecrated Himself because He has such a high mission for us. He gave Himself entirely to the Lord.

Expectancy Level
The third is the expectancy level that people have in our life that people have of you. Sometimes people will say it is just another meeting and the expectancy is not there. When the expectancy is there, you could operate at a higher level. Let us say that you operate at ten volts. You go to a meeting where everybody did not really look forward to you operating in that anointing. In other words, the people did not pay a price to be ministered by you. Some people really pay a price to get ministered to. Some people will travel land, sea, and air to get ministered by you. Some people just lived next door and say, “If I like it, I will be there. If I do not like it, I will not be there.” There need to be a level of expectancy.

One reason why sometimes the anointing works powerfully in some ministers’ lives is because they are not so accessible. Let me give an example. You only get to see the man of God in a meeting. He does not mix with the people. He does not talk much with the people. When it is time for him to minister, he shows up. When the ministering is ended, he goes off. You know what he does to the people. Let me give both the positive and the negative point. There is a psychological factor being placed on the people. The people do not have easy access to the man of God. As a result, they look up to that person. As a result, they have a higher expectancy. They are not accessible. You cannot go near to them and the people end up having higher expectations of him. It is very hard to get to them and the result is that the expectancy goes very high. This works as a plus and positive point for them. However, I do not see Jesus doing that. I do not recommend it to people. I would prefer to correct that kind of attitude. I am giving you the reason why some men of God do that. They want to build people’s expectancy of them. If you ever go to some of those big time ministries like in America, I tell you they have many bodyguards surrounding them. There is no way you could near to them. You could not even shake hands with them. They look so “special.” As a result, you put them on a higher level and your expectancy goes up. They are employing wrong methods but achieving right results.

Jesus did not do that. He rather let it flow as it is. For that reason I have not done that and it is not my nature. My nature is to come to the level of people. Because of that, it can work against you sometimes. This is how it can work against you. Some people do not know their limit with you. I mean you could be a friend with them, dine and drink together and joke together. So by the time you come to operate the anointing of God, they say, “Ah, we are friends.” They do not have any expectation of you because they say, “We know you.” Some people know their limit but some do not know. In other words, some people could be close to you but they do not lose their respect for you. Some people are close to you and they take the opportunity to climb over your head.

In the ministry, you got to relate wisely to people. We have to relate to all people rich or poor, fat of thin and there are so many different personalities that we have to have the wisdom of God to know how to relate to each one. The most important thing I encourage is being close with the people of God and being one with them. Sometimes I travel to meetings and the organizers tell me to make a grand entrance and secretly exit. I usually tell them I prefer to come and worship with the people. The people then know I am just one with them. However, when I move in the anointing that is when I am different from them. I am ministering to them with the gift and the office of God. If they stand in their office and they minister like I Corinthians says that there could be two or three prophets in a meeting. If one prophet is ministering and has a word hear that person. However, if the word comes to another person, let the person sit down and let the other start speaking. This is to create a body type of ministry. However, when we do it, people need to maintain a level of expectancy from the minister of God. For expectancy, people need to pay a price. If they do not pay a price, they do not have expectancy. When they pay a price, they have expectancy. Just like the minister needs to prepare himself, the people also need to prepare themselves before a meeting. Instead of using wrong methods to heighten expectancy in the people, I would rather teach them to prepare themselves before they come to God. Then they can really receive whatever God has for their lives.

This message from Different Levels of Anointing was preached by Ps Peter Tan. The rest of his teachings is found at Eagle Vision Ministry.