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The Anointing of the Holy Spirit is the impartation of God's supernatural ability to His chosen and yielded vessels to accomplish God's plans and purposes in a supernatural way. Knowing the different types and manifestations of the anointing enables one to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the ministry.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Different Levels of Anointing

We have to learn to be sensitive to the anointing. In the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ, we mentioned how the anointing upon Him is without measure. However, He gives the anointing by measures to us. The anointing upon our lives is increased measure upon measure, as we prove faithful to the anointing. The fullest potential of the anointing we can aspire to in whatever office we stand in is the anointing without measure – the same as the anointing upon Jesus’ life. That means if God called you to be a prophet aim to reach the measureless anointing in that office, if God called you to be a teacher, aim for that. Seek the anointing upon your life to increase until it is measureless. Now that is your aim.

Jesus made a statement in Jn. 14:12, Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to the Father. This implies that now the Holy Spirit is sent without measure. The Holy Spirit has been sent in Acts 2 as prophesied without measure. He is now pouring out on all flesh. The potential is there for people to reach into that measureless anointing that Jesus had. Some people have moved in their respective office to a realm quite close to that.

When you move into the ministry of signs and wonders, you have to be very precise to follow instructions from God. There is another incident in William Branham’s life when he was called to pray for a sick person. That person was just lying on the bed. Nothing happened when he prayed over him. He did it again and nothing happened. They were wondering what was happening. Then he just sat around. There was a grand mother and the parent of the child there. Then finally after some time, he wondered why nothing was happening and he was waiting. He was just sitting down. Then after a while, he came and prayed and then it worked - a miracle took place. That person got up immediately. When asked why, he said the Lord gave him a vision. He saw the grand mother sitting on this chair and the father sitting on that chair. Then he saw himself coming in and laying hands and pronouncing that healing, then walking off. The first time when he did it the grand mother was in a wrong position. She was in a different place and not exactly fitting the vision. That is why nothing happened. He was waiting and waiting for them to get into the position that he saw exactly in the vision. Then only the healing took place. That was the position that you got to be in. These are what I call peculiarities.

As we move into the anointing, you have to move exactly as God showed you - no less, no more. There have been men and women who have moved into levels of anointing close to the level of Jesus Christ in the office God has called them. Every minister called by God should aspire to reach into that anointing without measure. However there are principles to move into that measureless anointing.

We all start with a measure of anointing God placed on our lives. God is not going to give you the measureless anointing immediately. There must be testing; there must be proving and there must be faithfulness shown. God will give a deposit of anointing upon our life up to a certain level. Then as you are faithful to flow in it, as you are faithful to function in it, then God gives another measure. Then at that greater measure God will test your faithfulness. God will see whether you flow in it. What happens if you are not faithful? You remain at the measure you have been last given.

Let me illustrate with something you could identify with. Let say that you have been given the measure of the anointing where you would be able to prophesy in public. However, every time the anointing and the Word of God came, you resisted it. Do not think that when the anointing comes, it is going to force you to do something. It does not force you. It just prompts you and the obedience must be yours. As the anointing comes, the person resists it the first time. Later in a different meeting, the same thing comes again. That person resists the prompting of the Holy Spirit again. That would be quenching the Spirit of God. That person can go on out of shyness, out of fear of publicity, out of whatever reason. He could justify his disobedience but that is not acceptable to God. He could give a natural reason and God would not accept it. The years could pass by and that person will still be the same. The measure of the anointing given to him was not allowed to function. The gift of God in such a person’s life can never be perfected. You have to grow into the perfect operation of the gift.

The Corinthians had the gifts of God but they were not operating them perfectly. This shows us that the operation and perfection of the gift depend on us not on God. Paul never question that the gifts that the Corinthians had were not from God. He acknowledged that they were from God but he wrote that he would show them a more perfect way to operate those gifts. The operation and perfection of a gift depends on us not on God. It is our responsibility.

Let us say the same person with the measure of anointing to prophesy publicly began to flow in that gift regularly whenever the anointing is there. Sooner or later, God is going to promote him or her. He is going to give you a greater measure of anointing to move into something else. God tests and proves us to know whether we are faithful or not.

Now for those in the ministry, when you stand to minister, God may give you words of knowledge. You resist giving them since you rather just preach and teach. Perhaps it is in a home fellowship or in a smaller meeting and the word of knowledge comes to you. You resist giving the word. You ask, “What happens if no body respond?” For the next ten years, you remain that way until you obey. When you obey and you are faithful in that gift, a greater measure of that anointing will develop in your life. You could flow into a greater measure. It will grow from measure to measure, faith to faith, glory to glory. We must not stop. We must grow until we arrive at the perfect function of a ministry that God has for us.

God could give you a ministry of prophesying over people and every time the anointing comes, you could sense God telling you to act on the prompting. However, all these things need a human response. You may say, “No, I do not want to do that. I do not feel like doing that.” You resist and you quenched the Spirit of God. If you keep on doing that ten years later you will still be where you are. You would not have progressed. If you are not even faithful to the measure God gives to you, there is no point in talking about the measureless anointing. Unless you are faithful to the measure God gives you will not have more.

Growth in the anointing comes with faithfully moving in the measure you already have. For example, when God first started operating the word of knowledge in my life, I have to faithfully give it. When it comes, I will say, “All right God is showing that this is the category of the sickness He wants to heal,” and I faithfully gave it. Whether people respond or not, that is their responsibility. Whether you respond or not is your responsibility. You have to faithfully give it. I found something started happening. The more I give the more it came. The more it came and the more I give out, it gets sharper and sharper. As I continued in it, later, I found out that it began to operate with another side effect. At first it operates with what I call the side effect of tangibility - I sense it on my body. Later it operates together with vision. It reached a certain point where it started operating with vision. When that operates with vision, it reaches a greater form of accuracy that can take place. That comes because of faithfulness.

The anointing can be measured. The anointing enables us to do the works of Jesus. The anointing can be increased. Just as we grow from faith to faith, from glory to glory, and from grace to grace, we also can grow in the level of anointing in our life. In addition, the Holy Spirit is received in measures. We can measure the amount and the level of anointing that operates in our life. There are different degrees, different measures of the anointing. That measure of the anointing we are talking about here now is the measure of the anointing that God gives you to operate.

Lets illustrate: God could call you to operate in the measure of ten volts of anointing. You have a ten volts measure of the anointing. As you move in your anointing, sometimes you find that you were not up to it. You did not spend enough time with God. Alternatively, the response from people to your ministry fluctuates. Sometimes they have more faith in you but sometimes they have less faith in the anointing that God has placed in your life. In some meetings, they have high expectancy but in some meetings low expectancy. Although the anointing in your life is about ten volts, sometimes it flows at eight volts, sometimes at three and sometimes at ten. The level of anointing depends on the type of meeting that you are conducting, the expectancy level of the people and the level of your own preparedness.

Three factors affect the level of the anointing in a meeting.

The Will of God

Although the will of God is for you to operate at ten volts, it does not mean you will operate at the level of ten volts everywhere you go. The anointing upon is not twenty-four hours. When the anointing upon is not functional in your life, it will be lifted off you. It will not be upon you all the time. If the anointing is upon you all the time, you cannot sleep. Even if the measure of anointing that you have is ten volts, remember, it still has to function according to the will of God. It depends on the will of God whether God wants you to operate at that type of meeting. If there is no need for the anointing to manifest then the anointing will not manifest. For example, if you are going for supper, obviously the need for the anointing is not there. Otherwise, if the anointing of ten volts is upon you, you could hardly order your meal. Every time you want to say something, you utter, “The Spirit of the Lord.” The anointing comes only when there is a need for it. It depends on the will of God to manifest the anointing although the fullest potential you could move in is the measure of anointing God has given you. The first cause is the will of God.

Then the other cause is your preparedness. Sometimes you may not be more prepared than the other times. Sometimes you may be able to spend time waiting on God more than other times. During that time, you have spent more time waiting on God. In your preparedness, you are more able to tap into the full measure of the anointing on your life. If you have done all the necessary preparation that you could for a meeting and if you are a ten volts anointed minister, you will flow at the level of ten volts subject to the other third reason. You have these ten volts in your life. Sometimes maybe during the day you are running about and doing too many things. Perhaps you have an evangelistic meeting in Japan. You flew all the way there. You had a good rest and the meeting is the next night. In the morning of the next day, you go all over Tokyo sight seeing. In the afternoon lunchtime, you had a large helping of Japanese delicacies for lunch. Then you go and do all your shopping. Just about an hour before the meeting, you rush back into your hotel. You washed yourself quickly and go to the meeting. You may have ten volts but you may be able to flow only in about five volts of anointing since you have lowered your preparedness. You did not shut yourself aside to consecrate yourself to the Lord.

See there is a price to pay in ministry. Sometimes people do not realize the price you pay. I only share this with bible school students. Most of you want to know what goes on behind the scenes. Many people do not know I sleep very little on Saturday night. I get up early on Sunday morning and wait upon the Lord for the congregation. You pay the price. The sacrifices you made for the body. Sometimes when I travel if I minister, I consecrate myself onto the Lord. My wife knows we do not have any sexual relationship at all when I minister. I just shut myself up onto the Lord. It is the price you pay and people sometimes do not appreciate the sacrifices you make. They do not realize the cause of pain behind the scene and the sacrifice you made. Praise God He will reward you in other ways.

We should realize that preparedness is necessary. By preparedness, I mean your personal relationship with God. There is a degree of preparedness. When I travel to places, I hardly go sightseeing. The only time I could do so is when the meeting is over. Then I relax a little bit and I just let people take me around. A mission director told me how he took a group of foreigners to Singapore. He had this team of bible students. The moment the plane landed in Singapore, they started shopping. Everyone started discussing how to plan their shopping. They shopped till they dropped and they ended up suffering a series of misfortunes. Somebody lost his passport; some were delayed here and there. Why, their minds were not on ministry.

Preparedness affects the anointing of God in our life. If God calls you to minister in some way, God will expect you to give yourself. That is what we mean by giving yourself to your office and ministry. There are some things which I have said that those not in the ministry can never understand. Only those who have been in the ministry understand what is involved. Those who have never lived by faith do not understand what is involved. Sometimes I feel grieved with people who are not in the ministry passing comments on those in the ministry. Wait until you get into it, and then you will realize what it is like. A person who is successful in the world does not mean he will be successful in the ministry. It is a different thing altogether.

Now the opposite is also true - a person who is successful in the ministry may not be successful in the world. The fact is that of all professions, the ministry has the highest price to pay. It is easier to work in a secular job, give an encouraging word now and then to the pastor, and have a little home fellowship in your house. If you have never been in the ministry to give yourself to it, you do not understand the sacrifices that will be involved, the preparedness that is required and the sacrifices at home.

For that reason Jesus in Jn. 17 says for this purpose, I sanctify Myself. He consecrated Himself because He has such a high mission for us. He gave Himself entirely to the Lord.

Expectancy Level
The third is the expectancy level that people have in our life that people have of you. Sometimes people will say it is just another meeting and the expectancy is not there. When the expectancy is there, you could operate at a higher level. Let us say that you operate at ten volts. You go to a meeting where everybody did not really look forward to you operating in that anointing. In other words, the people did not pay a price to be ministered by you. Some people really pay a price to get ministered to. Some people will travel land, sea, and air to get ministered by you. Some people just lived next door and say, “If I like it, I will be there. If I do not like it, I will not be there.” There need to be a level of expectancy.

One reason why sometimes the anointing works powerfully in some ministers’ lives is because they are not so accessible. Let me give an example. You only get to see the man of God in a meeting. He does not mix with the people. He does not talk much with the people. When it is time for him to minister, he shows up. When the ministering is ended, he goes off. You know what he does to the people. Let me give both the positive and the negative point. There is a psychological factor being placed on the people. The people do not have easy access to the man of God. As a result, they look up to that person. As a result, they have a higher expectancy. They are not accessible. You cannot go near to them and the people end up having higher expectations of him. It is very hard to get to them and the result is that the expectancy goes very high. This works as a plus and positive point for them. However, I do not see Jesus doing that. I do not recommend it to people. I would prefer to correct that kind of attitude. I am giving you the reason why some men of God do that. They want to build people’s expectancy of them. If you ever go to some of those big time ministries like in America, I tell you they have many bodyguards surrounding them. There is no way you could near to them. You could not even shake hands with them. They look so “special.” As a result, you put them on a higher level and your expectancy goes up. They are employing wrong methods but achieving right results.

Jesus did not do that. He rather let it flow as it is. For that reason I have not done that and it is not my nature. My nature is to come to the level of people. Because of that, it can work against you sometimes. This is how it can work against you. Some people do not know their limit with you. I mean you could be a friend with them, dine and drink together and joke together. So by the time you come to operate the anointing of God, they say, “Ah, we are friends.” They do not have any expectation of you because they say, “We know you.” Some people know their limit but some do not know. In other words, some people could be close to you but they do not lose their respect for you. Some people are close to you and they take the opportunity to climb over your head.

In the ministry, you got to relate wisely to people. We have to relate to all people rich or poor, fat of thin and there are so many different personalities that we have to have the wisdom of God to know how to relate to each one. The most important thing I encourage is being close with the people of God and being one with them. Sometimes I travel to meetings and the organizers tell me to make a grand entrance and secretly exit. I usually tell them I prefer to come and worship with the people. The people then know I am just one with them. However, when I move in the anointing that is when I am different from them. I am ministering to them with the gift and the office of God. If they stand in their office and they minister like I Corinthians says that there could be two or three prophets in a meeting. If one prophet is ministering and has a word hear that person. However, if the word comes to another person, let the person sit down and let the other start speaking. This is to create a body type of ministry. However, when we do it, people need to maintain a level of expectancy from the minister of God. For expectancy, people need to pay a price. If they do not pay a price, they do not have expectancy. When they pay a price, they have expectancy. Just like the minister needs to prepare himself, the people also need to prepare themselves before a meeting. Instead of using wrong methods to heighten expectancy in the people, I would rather teach them to prepare themselves before they come to God. Then they can really receive whatever God has for their lives.

This message from Different Levels of Anointing was preached by Ps Peter Tan. The rest of his teachings is found at Eagle Vision Ministry.


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    In the blood of your son Jesus that you sent to earth and did die for are sins and shall return for Your children and cast evil to the pit

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